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How often should scaffolding be inspected?

Scaffolding is becoming more and more common on residential construction sites here in Christchurch. Did you know that it needs to be regularly inspected by the Scaffolding company that put it up?

According to best practice guidelines, fixed scaffolding should be inspected

  • Before the scaffold is first put to into use.
  • Weekly while the scaffold is in use.
  • After each structural alteration or addition.
  • Monthly while the scaffold is set up but not in use.
  • After any storm or occurrence that could adversely affect the safety of the scaffold.

This is usually done by the certified scaffolder that erected it. However, it can also be done by a competent person, such as an engineer:

It is the Main Contractor’s responsibility to ensure regular inspections are carried as part of ensuring that their site is safe to work on. A scaffolding register is also supposed to be onsite at all times.

Did you know this? What else could you have missed? Our regular site inspection service can make sure your sites are compliant and safe, saving you a fine and headache.

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Chris Brosnan

Chris Brosnan

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