At Nailed It Safety, we’re a big fan of good signage. After all, safety is all about good communication and warning visitors to your site of dangers is a part of your responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Here are 3 of the best. Enjoy!

A Multi-Cultural Worksite

Disobedience Punishable by Death

Better to Correct than Bury

Nailed It Tip of the Day

It’s not enough to just throw up a sign and hope people read it. Businesses have an obligation to manage hazards as well as identify them. If your business has hazards that are identified but not managed then why not give us a call?

Chris Brosnan

Chris Brosnan

Chris is the director of Nailed It Safety Solutions, a Christchurch-based Health and Safety company specialising in Residential Construction and Tourism. If you like any of his blog posts and want to catch up for a coffee then it’s a good bet he’s up for that.

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