Confined Space, Work in Ceiling – Training Toolbox Talk


Working in a Confined Space is more than twice as dangerous than doing the same job outside. Because Confined Spaces are inherently difficult to access/exit quickly, if you’re injured it may be difficult to get help.

This toolbox talk specifically deals with Confined Space Work in Ceiling Crawlspaces. It is ideal for electricians, insulation installers and any other tradie who has to enter confined spaces as part of their job.

Make your team aware of safe-work practices when entering ceiling confined spaces on  construction sites using our easy-to-use toolbox talk. Professionally designed by Health and Safety Consultants and actively used on the job by construction companies like yours, this toolbox talk makes delivering high-quality, inspiring educational training easy!

What are Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox talks are short, task-specific educational lessons designed to raise awareness on a particular Health and Safety issue. A well done toolbox talk will get the discussion flowing and encourage your team to speak up about safety.

Why use our toolbox talks?

There’s nothing worse (or more embarrassing) than a poorly prepared toolbox talk. With our pre-prepared versions, now anyone can deliver an educational, inspiring discussion on critical safety topics.

Most toolbox talks contain a mixture of

  • Stats, figures and real life stories of injury.
  • “What’s wrong with these photos” images to drive discussion
  • Diagrams, helpful tips and tricks.
  • Questions, answers, and discussion generators.

Toolbox talks well delivered form a critical part of your training program, a necessity under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Don’t spend hours preparing for a toolbox talk, simple click, download, print.

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