Toolbox talks bulk pack


Great toolbox talks up-skill your team and create awareness. But who has time to research and write them?

New from Nailed It Safety is a collection of 30 toolbox talks in one pack!

Professionally written and complete with discussion questions, real life examples and stories, and well researched information. These toolbox talks make it easy for anyone to hold an engaging an informative toolbox talk with their team.

  • Especially designed for the New Zealand construction industry
  • 30 Toolbox talks included.
  • Formatted to be easily handed out to attendees as printed handouts
  • Includes a record and notes sheet.

Designed by Health and Safety Consultants and actively used on the job by construction companies like yours, this toolbox talk makes delivering high-quality, inspiring educational training easy!

Contents include

Asbestos, Common Locations
Asbestos, Info
Chemical Safety
Chemical Spills
Chemicals and Carcinogens
Communication, Inductions
Confined Space, Roofspace
Dogs, aggressive animals
Electrical Shock and Burns
Hearing loss, ear protection
Lead Based Paint
Lone Workers
Maintenance on Equipment
Manual Handling
Meth houses
Mobile Scaffolding
Overhead power lines
Repetitive Strain Injury
Scissor Lifts and EWPS
Silica-Dust on Construction Sites.pdf
Sun, Fatigue, Heatstroke
Timber Preservative
Trailers, Loading correctly
Trips, slips, and creating safe walkways
Work Platforms and Step Ladders
Working Around Construction Machinery

Download a Free Toolbox Talk Sample by clicking here.

What are Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox talks are short, task-specific educational lessons designed to raise awareness on a particular Health and Safety issue. A well done toolbox talk will get the discussion flowing and encourage your team to speak up about safety.

Why use our toolbox talks?

There’s nothing worse (or more embarrassing) than a poorly prepared toolbox talk. With our pre-prepared versions, now anyone can deliver an educational, inspiring discussion on critical safety topics.

Most toolbox talks contain a mixture of

  • Stats, figures and real life stories of injury.
  • “What’s wrong with these photos” images to drive discussion
  • Diagrams, helpful tips and tricks.
  • Questions, answers, and discussion generators.

Toolbox talks well delivered form a critical part of your training program, a necessity under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Don’t spend hours preparing for a toolbox talk, simple click, download, print.

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