Independent Health and Safety Audits are an essential part of any Risk Management System.

Did you know that having an independent auditor in to regularly assess your site is one of the most effective, “bang-for-your-buck” ways to drive Health and Safety excellence within your company? Our friendly, experienced and professional auditors can highlight dangerous and embarrassing  hazards before they are spotted by your client or Worksafe. Hassle Free  – you don’t even need to be there when we’re on site!

Optionally, after the audit, our auditor will bring your staff together to hold a short, informative toolbox talk and discuss the audit findings. The results can recorded against the staff training record in BWARE, our recommended cloud based software platform.

See how Nailed It Safety’s Site Audits helped Cornerstone Building become industry leaders in Safety and win more contracts.

Nailed It Safety has been providing Health and Safety Audits to Christchurch Builder, Cornerstone Building for several years. Managing Director Jason, credits the regular audits as one of the key driving factors in them becoming a leader in Health and Safety.

“Nailed It Safety have been undertaking site audits on a weekly/monthly basis for us for a number of years, and we’ve found the peace of mind it gives to be most welcome. Having them in has helped us set up a framework for constant improvement in Health and Safety, and we’ve also noticed a vast improvement in our site safety culture with our staff and subcontractors. Yes, it’s an additional expense, but for the peace of mind it gives it’s a small price to pay. We’ve also recently tendered for and one a new multi-year contract, in part thanks to the excellent systems that Nailed It Safety have helped us implement and refine.”

Why have your sites Independently Audited?

  • FACT: Someone is seriously injured at work in NZ every 17 minutes .
  • FACT: Construction is one of the highest-risk industries, and consistently ranks within the top 5 for workplace deaths and serious harms in the country.
  • FACT: Accidents don’t just happen to idiots. Sometimes it’s just too much pressure at the wrong time.
  • FACT: Your Clients are actively searching for companies with top-notch Health and Safety. We can help you exceed their expectations
  • FACT:  Objective, Independent Audits are the best way to protect your staff and business from expensive accidents and Worksafe fines.

Our audits provide positive, instant feedback to all staff onsite and optionally include a toolbox talk to address any issues discovered. A confidential written report is included and delivered to management at the conclusion of the audit. Hassle free, simple, and -most importantly – safe!

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will the audit take?

Typically the audit process will take between 30-75 minutes. We only need to speak to one of your workers for a couple of minutes and afterwards they’re free to get back to their task.

Do I myself or my foremen need to be onsite when it happens?

No, although you’re welcome to be there if you want to be. We operate with minimal disruption to your staff.

What if I am a subcontractor and work under a builder or foreman onsite? Do I still need to be audited?

While typically we are engaged by the Main Contractor, we also conduct a lot of audits for their subcontractors. In this case, we’ll only audit parts of the site that directly affect you, our client. We’ll be sure to introduce ourselves when we come onsite so that your client knows who we are and why we’re there. We’ve found that the overwhelming majority of Main Contractors are happy to see us and many have even engaged our services themselves. We’ve done more than a thousand Health and Safety audits throughout Canterbury and we’ve never had any negative repercussions back on our client from engaging our services. The written report goes directly to you, and you can choose who to forward it onto from there or keep it confidential to your own company.

How much will this cost?

A fraction of the cost of expensive accidents or Worksafe fines! We offer a flat-rate audit, plus travel, with package deals for weekly/monthly audits to suit all budgets. Contact us for specifics.


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