Nailed It safety provides an auditing service to serve as a catalyst for improving your company’s performance in Health and Safety. We work with companies of all sizes and across multiple industries throughout New Zealand. Your organisation meeting its stringent safety standards in an efficient manner is our goal!

Our experienced and professional auditors can highlight dangerous and embarrassing key risks and hazards before they are spotted by your client or Worksafe. We are the friendly face of Safety and can advise you on cost-effective ways to meet the required standards.

At the conclusion of the audit you will receive a confidential written report with our findings and practical recommendations for improvement. The report provides a simple tick-box style framework for improvement making our audit an excellent choice for companies about to review their existing Safety processes.

Audit Focus Areas

  • Leadership and Staff Engagement
  • Workshop/Site Environment
  • Contractors, Partners, and Suppliers
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Records

Our experience allows us to suggest improvements in not only compliance but also in efficiencies. It’s not uncommon for the recommendations we make to mean less work for all staff involved as well as significant cost-savings.

How we Helped Jani-King Review their Safety.

Jani-King is known around the world as the number one commercial cleaning franchise for a reason. There has only been one name to turn to for quality and value in commercial cleaning services; Jani-King, The King of Clean. With more than 350 franchisees around the country, Jani-King well understood the need for an effective Health and Safety system.

Jani-King approached us to review their existing policies and documentation against two key benchmarks:

  1. Compliance with Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  2. Effectiveness and efficiency: provide recommendations for improvement in these two areas.

Their Health and Safety manager, John, was snowed under with work. The existing system was sending him multiple notifications every day, and he was forced to be constantly “putting out fires” and being reactive.

Our Solution

  • Use a combination of their existing cloud-based system and partner surveys to review a representative portion of their database,
  •  Measured the effectiveness of engagement with their Franchisees.

We provided them with a framework for improvement along with practical, cost-effective suggestions for improving their systems to dramatically improve efficiencies.

Have you Identified and managed every hazard at your Warehouse, Factory, or Office?

Get peace of mind that you’re fulfilling your legal obligation to keep your team safe.

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How long will the audit take?

The audit process is dependent on several factors, such as the complexity of the workplace, number of staff etc. We will endeavour to give you an estimate of how long the audit will take when we send you  the audit confirmation.

We aim to process audits and deliver the report + improvement framework within 48 hours.

Will someone need to accompany you throughout the audit?

Yes, we’d like for someone knowledgeable about your Safety Practices accompany us during the audit. Typically, this would be the business owner, foreman, or HSR.

How much will the audit cost?

A fraction of the cost of expensive accidents or Worksafe fines! We offer a flat-rate audit, plus travel at competitive rates. We also have several clients who have us in on an annual or six monthly basis who receive discounted prices.

How frequently do I need to be audited?

This depends largely on what you’re doing, and the type of industry that you’re in.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you to find a solution that meets your requirements and budget.

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